About Us

To My Customers,

I spent 7 years in the automotive dealership industry working in parts & service. My title for most of that time was "Customer Service Specialist/Manager." I enjoyed, what I did but I wanted a better sense of serving my community and decided to put myself through the police academy. In 2006, I was hired by a large agency in Central Florida. I absolutely love my profession, my agency, my community, and those involved in all of it. I care greatly about the safety of those in the public safety field.

In early 2012, I was informed by my agency that I was going to be getting a car that I would finally be happy to drive AND be able to keep it. The lighting package on it would consist of one light bar. Self-equipping a car was a common thing for deputies at my agency, but this was the first time I was willing to spend money on my patrol car. I had one HUGE problem though... I didn't know anything about the equipment, how to use it properly, and where to buy it. Fortunately, I was able come in contact with some highly experienced people in the emergency vehicle world. Their guidance and input in building my car proved to be invaluable.

There was no one in my county that could truly assist me. I saw an opportunity to help my co-workers and took it. I started out by just selling them the extra stuff I didn't put on my patrol car. Then people started coming to me for advice and asked me to assist in locating equipment at decent prices. Finally, I learned it was just easier for me to get them things cheaper by actually becoming a distributor of the equipment I used the most. Thus, Florida Emergency Vehicle Equipment & Repair, Inc. (FEVER, Inc) was launched. I teamed up with a highly skilled installer and we began doing work for local agencies as well as individuals.

My goal is to ensure that everyone has access the best possible protection while responding and working roadside. We all have dangerous jobs that require us to risk our lives as we assist, serve, and protect the community. We also all do this for a rather meager paycheck and I want to do my best to ensure you get the most protection for those spare dollars you save up from those paychecks. You are not my customers. I see you as my co-workers, my brothers, and my sisters of public safety. I am very committed to providing the best possible customer service I can provide. If there is any reason you are not satisfied, please e-mail me directly at Nic@FeverInc.net. I will do anything and everything I possibly can to correct the matter and further assist you. I am really committed to "Going out of my way to ensure people get out of yours!" and to stay away from you when we need them to!

Thank you for your business and stay safe, my friends!

Florida Emergency Vehicle Equipment & Repair, Inc.