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• All the benefits of Putco's Truck Blade with the added features of the Emergency Blad
• Tail lamp functions across 48” of Blade LEDs with an EMERGENCY OVERRIDE LED array
• 1400 Lumen output - Our most powerful Blade ever produced
• 1800+ LED's working in concert to emulate a tail lamp function with an emergency override
• Wire hidden custom end caps for stealth and zero wire visibility installation
• Designed with patented clip system for mounting
• Unique design is flexbile which allows for installation on curved surfaces
• Patented polycarbonate housing completely sealed with Putco's own formula of 2 part SILICA epoxy
• Wires directly to your tail light functions
• Emergency Blade products come with a solid state remote control with programmable frequency and pattern functions
• Includes: wireless remote, ON/OFF switch, patented clip system