Havis 2013-2019 Ford Interceptor Utility & 2011-2019 Ford Explorer (Retail Standard Passenger Side Mount Package)

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Package, Mounting base, Vehicle mount kit, Heavy duty mount, Ford Interceptor Utility Police Vehicle 13-16,

Product Details:

  • Standard passenger side mount package for 2013-2016 Ford Interceptor Utility & 2011-2015 Ford Explorer (retail)
  • Standard PKG-PSM packages include a vehicle specific base plate, heavy-duty pole without height adjust handle, tilt-swivel motion device, and a top offset plate. by bundling all of the necessary parts in one sku we have simplified the ordering process.
  • The vehicle specific heavy-duty mounting base mounts to existing OEM seat bolts for easy installation (C-HDM-153)
  • Heavy duty poles (without height adjustable handle) include adjustable collar to be set at fixed height during installation (C-HDM-209)
  • Tilt/swivel motion devices enable 180° horizontal rotation for laptops and docking stations used to mount keyboards, laptop mounting plates, docking stations and more to the poles (C-MD-202)
  • Top offset plates allow for strong and comfortable positioning of computer equipment (C-HDM-304)
  • Packages are complete and you must order as-is. there will be no substitutions on any parts.


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