Eclipse Rocker Panel Lights

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*** Notice: This product is built to order and due to covid we are experiencing longer than normal production times we thank you for your understanding in this matter ***

The Eclipse Rocker Panel Stick is here and WOW is it bright. Each light head of the Eclipse houses 15 New Gen LED's. Each 62" Rocker Panel stick has eight light heads, for a total of 120 New Gen LED's! Folks, there are imported discount brand bars being imported with less LED's than the Eclipse. They even cost more than our introductory pricing for the Eclipse!

If you want to increase safety and visibility while being cost-effective, then the Eclipse is the light for you. The Eclipse Rocker Panels provide that extra warning power needed when clearing intersections or blocking lanes of travel. The Eclipse uses LED's that have a proven track record for durability, reliability, and brightness in the automotive industry.

The Eclipse is IP66 and IP67 rated for dust and water intrusion. They are UL Certified and in SAE Class 1 testing now with a Whelen flasher. Each light head has been tested to emit 1200 lumens, making the entire eight head rocker panel capable of emitting a combined 9,600 Lumens of warning awesomeness!  Each light head segment is approximately 7 1/2" long and the entire rocker panel light is 62" long. Custom lengths available up to 96". It is just under 3/4" tall and just over 1 1/4" deep. 

The Eclipse does NOT have an internal flasher on board. "Oh FEVER, why would you do such a thing?!" The bulk of the future installs in this industry are going to be completely controlled at one central location. Whelen Carbide, SoundOff Signal BluePrint, and Code 3 Matrix are beginning to take over the industry. Having internal flashers on board is incredibly limiting. This product was built with the mindset of SYNC! (yeah... some of you whackers don't know what that is yet).  Don't worry though, we will sell it with a Whelen SSFPOS flasher for a small charge. 

We understand these are still new, but we have been installing them for over 12 months and testing them without issue.  We realize some of you (online trolls) are unsure of them.  We get it.  That is why we are offering them at this introductory low price. We just ask for honest reviews and feedback. Pretty incredible that you can get two of these 62" sticks WITH a Feniex or Whelen Flasher for less than you can buy an imported economy product.  

"FEVER, why do you keep mentioning imported discount brands while talking about the Eclipse? Is this light Chinese as well?"   Listen up junior, these lights are being manufactured in Michigan, right here in the Good Ole USA! If that offends you, move on out of here ya commie scum!  That includes all the geniuses that thought we were having this made by Star or Feniex.  

Listen, guys, we realize we are not perfect. We don't pretend to be. We have made our share of mistakes, but the reason we are taking so long to unleash the Eclipse is because we wanted to do everything in our power to have a great product. While we aren't perfect, we do care about the people using the items we sell. We can be jerks at times, but we blame it on our rebellious nature. 

Hopefully, the special offer is enough for you to consider it, but we understand if you'd rather wait until more reviews come out.  Either way,  we are excited to eventually see you with a set of the Eclipse.