ERM Programmable Timer


Introducing the first programmable timer. Simply press and hold the pushbutton for the length of time you wish to activate the relay for. The LED indicator pulses once per second to assist in a more accurate timing sequence.

Unlike traditional timers, this unit provides you with the option of selecting from either a positive or negative trigger input to activate the relay.

It also features a "stuck button" time-out with auto-reset. Should your switch malfunction and get stuck in the depressed position, the error LED will flash, indicating there is a problem causing the timer to deactivate the relay until the problem switch is fixed. Once fixed, the unit returns to normal operation.

What can this product be used to control?

  • Gunlock Solenoids
  • Security Doors
  • Secondary Mode on Warning Lights (i.e. timed secondary pattern for intersection warning)

The PT1 can be installed in minutes and can handle a 10 amp load.

Manual (PT1.pdf, 580 Kb) [Download]