Abrams T3 Series LED Grille Light Head

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We are proud to introduce our newest and hottest Abrams surface mount T3 LED light heads to ever hit the market. Uniquely designed by our own engineers, we have created the dependable, inexpensive, LED surface/grille mount. Our design has been rigorously tested to handle all weather and road conditions. Rain, snow, hail, ice, salt, sleet and mud are no match to our light heads. Each LED unit utilizes three 3 watt LEDs and are available in solid colors. Colors flash simultaneous or alternating with 15 different patterns. They can be synchronized to work together with many other LED modules. The size of these light heads allow them to be mounted in numerous locations such as: grilles, bumpers, dash, deck, or anywhere else your imagination can take you. Each light head comes standard with a black mounting flange and hardware.