Star Phazer 44" LED Lightbar

Ships from Manufacturer | up to 12 weeks

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Star Phazer 44" LED Lightbar

Ships from Manufacturer | up to 12 weeks



  • 7” center sections allows for lengths of 37”, 44”, 51” 58”, and 65”
  • Low profile, only 2 ⅛” tall x 12” wide 


  • Available as a single or Dual-Color lightbar
  • Built-in two wire Traffic Director control (left + right = center out)
  • Hardwire version comes in two cable options: One cable: Two power wires plus 12 enable wires (default option) Two cables: One for power and ground, the other for 12 enable wires
  • Priority wires P1-P5 are designed to be used with slide switches or a set of progressive switches Example: P1: Rear flashing slow pattern P2: Front and rear flashing P3: Front and rear flashing, fast pattern  


Spot Optic

  • 2.4” long
  • S121-0-3* Directional, 3 LEDs  

Wide Spread Lineum

  • 2.4” long
  • S121-9-3* wide spread Lineum, 3 LED
  • S121-9-6** wide spread Lineum, 3+3 Color LED, Dual color  

Wide Spread Lineum

  • 5.75” long
  • S121-9L-6* wide spread Lineum, 6 LED
  • S121-9L-9* wide spread super Lineum, 9 LED
  • S121-9L-12** wide spread Lineum, 6+6 Dual-Color LED
  • S121-9L-18** wide spread super Lineum, 9+9 Dual-Color LED

If you wish to change the programming for any of these features please review the Phazer Advanced Programming Manual located in the Literature and Manuals tab or by contacting  Star Customer Service at 585-226-9787 or

Common Configurations:

  • 1400LED-AA - 44" Amber single color Phazer lightbar, long single 6 LED heads, short single 3 LED heads, clear domes
  • 1421LED-RB - 44" Red/Blue single color Phazer lightbar with starburst alleys, starburst takedown pursuits, traffic director, long single 6 LED heads, short single 3 LED heads, clear domes
  • 1423LED-RB - 44" Red/Blue Phazer lightbar with traffic director, dual color alleys, takedown pursuits, intersection clearing lights, long single 6 LED heads, short single 3 LED heads, clear domes
  • 1421DLED-RBCA - 44" Red/Blue dual color Phazer lightbar with scene lighting, alleys, traffic director, long single 6 LED heads, long dual color 12 LED heads, short dual color 6 LED heads, clear domes

  • 1422-BB - 44" Blue Phazer lightbar w/ scene lighting, and Blue Traffic Director, clear domes
  • 1422-RB - 44" Red/Blue Phazer lightbar w/ scene lighting, and Red/Blue Traffic Director, clear domes
  • 1422-RR - 44" Red Phazer lightbar w/ scene lighting, and Red Traffic Director, clear domes

Phazer Confugurator Software:

Description: This program Allows the user to configure a bar to be ordered and or set options on an existing bar which can be saved and sent to the bar using the Phazer bar Programming utility.


  1. Configure a light bar including Length, Patterns, Enable wires
  2. Select Wire configuration and wire length, add Mounting hardware
  3. Simulate how each function will look
  4. Save and create a PDF to order your bar
  5. To find out what version you need to install 64-bit or 32-bit, On a windows 10 based PC you will need to go to the start menu and type "system" and hit enter to open "system control panel". Under the list of specifications " system type" it will say 64 or 32 bit

Note: The programming utility is now built into the desktop version of the configurator below
Web based Configurator: (Works on Fire fox, Chrome & Apple Safari desktop/laptop computers).

Phazer Lightbar Online Configurator

Windows Desktop Configurator & Programmer: 

Phazer Configurator ver. 2.13 32bit 08/15/19

Phazer Configurator ver. 2.13 64bit 08/15/19

Phazer Programming Software:

1. Once un-compressed double click the icon on your desktop. If the below screen appears click more info then click run anyways.

Possible warning screen 1: click more info  

Possible warning screen 2: Click run anyways  


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Literature & Manuals

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1000 Star Phazer Lightbar Advanced Programming - Manual (1000_Star_Phazer_Lightbar_Advanced_Programming_-_Manual, 655 Kb) [Download]

1000 Star Phazer Lightbar CAN box- Manual (1000_Star_Phazer_Lightbar_CAN_box-_Manual, 890 Kb) [Download]

1000 Star Phazer/LCS771 1099- Quick Install Manual (LiteratureRetrieve.aspx, 823 Kb) [Download]

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